Course Curriculum

Business Architecture Associates offers a series of in-house business architecture training courses. All courses are one day in duration, with certain recommended prerequisite courses. The primary core curriculum is typically selected as a starter set, while businesses may pick and choose from various specialty courses. All courses are one day in duration unless otherwise specified.

Business Architecture Associates


Our Business Architecture Bootcamp™ provides a perfect foundation to sit for the Certified Business Architect (CBA)® exam.

The Bootcamp includes Courses 1-5 and is offered during our public events and in-house.

"The BAA business architecture training greatly helped me in obtaining my Certified Business Architect® certification. The knowledge I gained during the courses came flowing back to me as I took the exam. I also found the training materials to be useful during my studies. I would recommend that other business architecture practitioners take the exam as soon as they can while the information from training is still fresh."

– Maile M.



Our core business architecture courses 1-5 provide a foundation of knowledge in the discipline from end-to-end. Each course is a full day in length. They are offered through public training events and in-house training. Inquire about virtual and online training options as well.

*Courses 1-5 are Business Architecture Guild accredited courses under the GATP® program.

Provides a comprehensive business architecture overview to anyone who has not been exposed to a consistent, industry-proven approach. This course levels the playing field of understanding for practitioners, beneficiaries and management seeking to leverage the discipline. 

Extends foundational mapping perspectives into the areas of strategy, policy, stakeholder, initiative and product mapping, and outlines how to leverage business architecture with related disciplines including case management, process modeling and business requirements analysis.

Communicates how to build out the foundational business architecture. Attendees will leave with a strong foundation for capability, value, information and organization mapping, and be ready to begin building their foundational business architecture.

Delivers an essential perspective on how to leverage business architecture in managing and transforming IT architecture and IT portfolios. This course will teach attendees how to leverage business architecture to scope, plan, define and drive business-driven IT solutions.

Educates attendees in how to establish and mature a business architecture practice. Attendees will gain skills in team setup, governance, charter and engagement model creation, practice rollout, roadmap creation and program alignment. 

Extended Business Architecture Courses

Extended courses 6-12 provide the next level of education and workshop experiences for mature teams and individuals seeking to take the discipline beyond the basics.

Provides an end-to-end overview of how business architecture may be used to drive strategic objectives through solution deployment. This scenario-oriented course builds on courses 1-5 to allow attendees to initiate a comprehensive approach to business architecture deployment

Engages attendees in hands-on, in-depth capability mapping resulting in a high-level capability map, along with definitions for selected capabilities. The results reinforce mapping concepts and offer a robust starting point for an organization’s business architecture.

Engages attendees in hands-on, in-depth value stream mapping sessions. The main deliverable is a set of value streams aligned to an organization’s business model. Attendees will further articulate a subset of the resulting value streams and engage in sample capability cross-mapping exercise.

Engages attendees in a review of their current capability map against industry principles and best practices, hands-on rework and / or expansion of the capability map and confirmation of next steps for finalization and rollout. The results ensure a robust and industry-aligned foundation for an organization’s business architecture. This workshop is also beneficial in organizations where multiple competing capability maps exist but need to be reconciled into one enterprise view.

Engages attendees in a review of their current value streams against industry principles and best practices, hands-on rework and / or expansion of a core subset of value streams and confirmation of next steps for finalization and rollout. Also includes a sample capability cross-mapping exercise. The results ensure a robust and industry-aligned foundation for an organization’s business architecture

The custom workshop option provides individual organizations with the ability to frame the agenda for an open workshop that will provide specific deliverable results for them. Topics vary widely but may include establishing or maturing a business architecture, engaging in end-to-end strategy-to-solution business scenarios, and framing and advising on a wide variety of business architecture topics.

This one-day interactive workshop educates attendees in the fundamental skills that apply to business and enterprise architecture—not how to draw diagrams, but how to think architecturally. Attendees will gain skills in critical thinking, abstraction, contextual and conceptualization, visualization, and delivering architectural value.

Business Architecture Advanced COURSE SERIES

The Advanced Business Architecture Course series consists of 6 courses, each of which is delivered in a 3.5-hour session.

Each advanced course provides a half-day deep dive into 1 of 6 essential business architecture topics from strategy execution through team setup and deployment. They are offered periodically throughout the year and may also be delivered in-house.

*Advanced courses 1-6 are Business Architecture Guild accredited courses under the GATP® program.

Business architecture plays a vital role in successful end-to-end strategy execution. This advanced course delivers a detailed approach to leveraging business architecture to deploy a wide range of business strategies

Establishing a business architecture baseline is critical to rapidly launching and maturing a practice. This session covers selecting, deploying, and leveraging industry reference models to jumpstart and expand in-house business architectures.

Scaling a business architecture across business ecosystems requires establishing a formal knowledgebase. This course provides detailed guidance for establishing and deploying this knowledgebase.

Business architecture integrates and aligns well with SAFe and other agile methodologies. This course walks attendees through the overall approach to aligning these disciplines.

Setting up a business architecture team is an important step towards establishing formal governance of a practice and this course equips attendees to setup and mature in-house teams.

Business architecture plays an important role in helping solution, data, and other IT architects frame and specify software and data designs and this course delivers these important insights.

This training course explores the key aspects of business architecture, including products, product entitlements, capabilities, and value streams, that play a central role in improving customer service delivery across the private and public sector.



The abbreviated executive training course provides a series of usage scenarios and vignettes for executives. The course focuses on the value proposition and includes a discussion on strategic value and governance.


This 3.5-hour session provides an end-to-end snapshot of business architecture for those seeking to learn the discipline or associated parties interested in understanding the basics, but not practicing the discipline.


  • Business Architecture: The Missing Link in Delivering Actionable Strategy
  • Business Architecture In Action: Practical Guidance for Executives
  • The Future of Business Architecture: Where Leading Businesses are Going
  • Taking Action: Key Next Steps for Your Business



  • Business-focused
  • Aligned to A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK® Guide)
  • Modular, flexible, and unique
  • Led by experienced business architecture leaders with notable reputations and relationships.