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We provide in-house business architecture training for your entire team in the convenience of your corporate setting. With in-house training, Business Architecture Associates offers our entire catalog of training courses for your team, in the convenience of your own corporate setting. This includes our business architecture core offerings as well as tailored workshops, specialty offerings such as executive overviews, and complementary courses such as those on facilitation and enterprise architecture.

There are unique benefits to BAA in-house training in that it allows you to:

  • Establish a robust center of excellence of high performing business architecture practitioners
  • Get your entire team and related practitioners up to the same level of expertise
  • Create a shared language and mindset among your team and jumpstart your practice
  • Focus conversations throughout training applicable to your specific application of the discipline
  • Ensure that business architecture skills are in place across different business areas and roles
  • Prepare your team to achieve CBA® certification
  • Expand business architecture knowledge to related disciplines and teams
  • Leverage custom workshops across various topics to mature your business architecture and related practice

In-house training can also be a cost-effective option for training multiple people from your organization and easily expands your ability to reach executives and other roles who might not otherwise attend a public training course. BAA can deliver its focused executive session as part of its in-house training offerings.


While in-house training provides ultimate flexibility, we offer a few special in-house training packages which teams continually find to be valuable. These offerings are customizable to expedite business architecture adoption and practice maturity.

Business Architecture Associates
Business Architecture Associates

Business Architecture Practice Jumpstart

This three-day training series accelerates business architecture teams establishing their practice with an end-to-end overview of the discipline as well as a focused course on building the foundational business architecture and getting started with the practice. Includes courses for Business Architecture Immersion, Building the Foundational Business Architecture, and Establishing and Maturing a Business Architecture Practice.

Business Architecture Associates

Business Architecture Baseline Jumpstart

This three-day training and workshop series begins with our Building the Foundational Business Architecture course that teaches the core business architecture domains, with a focus on capabilities and value streams. We then spend the next two days building the capability map, information map, and value streams for your organization, based on the industry-standard BIZBOK® Guide reference models.

* This package enables business architecture teams to not only learn about the business architecture baseline but also jumpstart the creation of their own business architecture, aligned to their unique needs.

Business Architecture Associates

Business Architecture Bootcamp

This five-day training series covers the business architecture discipline in-depth from end-to-end and includes our full core course lineup. This package not only prepares teams for establishing and maturing their practice but is also the perfect foundation to sit for the Certified Business Architect (CBA)® exam. Courses include Business Architecture Immersion, Building the Foundational Business Architecture, Extending the Discipline: From Strategy to Execution, Business Architecture / IT Architecture Alignment, and Establishing and Maturing a Business Architecture Practice.

Business Architecture Associates

* Clients must obtain basic reference models from the Business Architecture Guild®, which are available as free downloads to individual and corporate members of the Business Architecture Guild.


The BAA Business Architecture Bootcamp™ Series is unique because it prepares attendees to sit for and pass the Certified Business Architect (CBA)® exam AND readies them to practice the discipline.

Build an advantage using business architecture training taught by the leaders who founded the profession.  Our engaging format provides real-time, online lecture/presentation with live Q&A interaction, led by Business Architecture Associates' founders and principal instructors. We offer our Business Architecture Bootcamp™ series that includes the complete core business architecture course lineup. Attendees may select individual courses or the entire series.

  • Course 1 – Business Architecture Immersion
  • Course 2 – Building the Foundational Business Architecture
  • Course 3 – Extending the Business Architecture
  • Course 4 – Business Architecture / IT Architecture Alignment
  • Course 5 – Establishing and Maturing a Business Architecture Practice

Go to BAA Training page for the Bootcamp Series offerings

For details on the Bootcamp Series, Courses 1-5, check out the BAA Course Curriculum.

Business Architecture Associates


BAA instructors deliver an ongoing series of  advanced courses on key topics that move attendees from the basics to another level of expertise as follows.

Advanced Business Architecture Course 1: Translating and Executing Strategy with Business Architecture

Advanced Business Architecture Course 2: Building a Business Architecture Baseline Leveraging Reference Models

Advanced Business Architecture Course 3: Establishing a Business Architecture Knowledgebase

Advanced Business Architecture Course 4: Leveraging Business Architecture with Agile

Advanced Business Architecture Course 5: Establishing a Business Architecture Team

Advanced Business Architecture Course 6: Business Architecture-Driven IT Architecture and Software Design

Advanced Business Architecture Course 7: Maximizing Customer Service Delivery via Product Entitlements

For details on the Advanced Courses, check out the BAA Course Curriculum page. Go to BAA Training page for details on any current offerings


Our on-demand, pre-recorded sessions offer business architecture topics that are accessible at any time. Currently, Business Architecture Associates features Business Architecture Simplified, a complimentary primer that provides a brief overview for the layperson on what business architecture is and how it is used.


We offer geographically diverse venues for live onsite business architecture training

Given the limits on delivering in-person pubic training due to COVID-19, BAA is delivering public training virtually. Please see our Bootcamp Series and Mini-Course Series for upcoming virtual training sessions.

Business Architecture Associates